Adding eq to test cycle

I'm 235 12%. I would like to be at 255 15 tops. I eat pretty well, but I'm gonna try and jam food down my throat this time. Test and deca just do not make me hungry enough an I about get to the point of making myself sick at times. Never done eq, but plenty of experience with all other listed compounds. I'm not a huge fan of ai. I know a lot of people will prolly try to jump on me about this, but I don't take it unless I new it. I don't follow a dosing regime per say, but will throw in mg or aro every three days for a week. Have not even had to this cycle on 1200 test e and 600 tren e. It just works for me that way, kiss my ass lol. Have prami on hand always, but like ai it is an emergency thing. I grow well and have little to no sides without. Never had Gyno issues. Guess I'm a freak lol. Appreciate advice fellas, think ill give it a whirl. I'd throw plus 1s if I had karma.

Fortran has five intrinsic data types : INTEGER , REAL , COMPLEX , LOGICAL and CHARACTER . Each of those types can be additionally characterized by a kind . Kind, basically, defines internal representation of the type: for the three numeric types, it defines the precision and range, and for the other two, the specifics of storage representation. Thus, it is an abstract concept which models the limits of data types' representation; it is expressed as a member of a set of whole numbers (. it may be {1, 2, 4, 8} for integers, denoting bytes of storage), but those values are not specified by the Standard and not portable. For every type, there is a default kind , which is used if no kind is explicitly specified. For each intrinsic type, there is a corresponding form of literal constant . The numeric types INTEGER and REAL can only be signed (there is no concept of sign for type COMPLEX ).

Adding eq to test cycle

adding eq to test cycle


adding eq to test cycleadding eq to test cycle