Astro a50 eq profiles

At 364 grams, the A50s are heavy (the A40s are 324 grams), but they're also supremely crafted. After hours of use, you rarely experience wearer fatigue. This is in part due to the extra padding in the headband - a soft foam that keeps the weight of the headset dispersed across the top of your head instead of a single spot.  The big, black, and plastic design of the A50s may well be a source of contention for many.. Comparably-priced headphones outside of the gaming sphere are usually much smaller and much sleeker - but those don’t have a mixer and microphone built in.

Gaming Audio Evolved
Part of evolving with the community involves incorporating key feedback into our new products,  which is why the new A50 comes with an updated precision mic. The flexible, durable microphone offered on the A50 provides clear, low noise communication and is optimized for next gen consoles and Windows 10. A simple flip mutes the mic. With the new accelerometer the headset is able to conserve battery life as the A50 detects motions, and shuts off when inactive. It automatically powers back on when the headset detects motion. As with our new Tournament Ready A40 Headset, the new A50 is also Mod Kit Ready, which means you have the ability to upgrade to synthetic leather noise-cancelling ear cushions and a padded headband. The cushions provide increased noise cancellation and limit sound leakage for quiet environments.

Astro a50 eq profiles

astro a50 eq profiles


astro a50 eq profilesastro a50 eq profilesastro a50 eq profilesastro a50 eq profilesastro a50 eq profiles