Dangers of testosterone

What about the fact that bodybuilding is dominated by the carnivore lifestyle?  Bill Pearl says that after going vegetarian, he had the same amount of muscle that he did when he won his Mr. Universe titles.  Kenneth Williams, a vegan bodybuilder, placed third in the 2004 Natural Olympia bodybuilding competition.  And, of course, Mike Mahler is long time vegetarian and strength coach extraordinaire. The fact is that, if you desire, one can easily build a massive physique while on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Male menopause is a very real condition that men can face as they age. Everything about its progression is directly linked to a decrease in testosterone levels. It's been said that testosterone is what makes men, well, men. Your testosterone is your mojo. From a healthy sex drive, high energy levels and sleep patterns to weight and emotional health, testosterone drives your quality of life. Of course, when you're "young," you're at the top of your game, right? I bet you didn't know that when men hit the age of 30, their testosterone decreases by 1 percent each year after.

The spread of cancer cells is not the only potential risk associated with a biopsy, particularly for prostate patients. During a needle biopsy, a device is inserted into the rectum, and a needle is shot through the thin lining that separates the colon and the prostate. There are many tiny ducts in the prostate which are damaged each time the needle goes in. As a result, the ducts may become blocked with scar tissue and other matter, and this can inflame an existing infection, such as Prostatitis or BPH. Naturally, if you undergo more than one biopsy, the damage to the ducts is dramatically increased.

Dangers of testosterone

dangers of testosterone


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