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This review is for the vintage YSL Opium Body Oil I found at a local antique store today. At first glimpse, the bottle is a bit worn and I wasn't sure if the top notes would have stayed intact all these years (unknown of the storage conditions). So I sprayed once on my pulse points. Oh my!!
I have recently purchased the new opium version as I have fallen head over heels for the new formulation, unlike so many. But this was my first time sniffing the old. Yes, when they say it is dramatically different, they are correct!! Not even the same opening or dry down by any means.

The opening is fruity, yet spicy. Almost a hint of zesty citrus blends with some carnation and spices. There is a hint of sweetness. The opening is quite a blast, but it fades after 1 hr or so. That's when the heart sets in and oh my, again. The civet is more pronounced. It envelopes into a musky, smoky, pepppry, coconut, with a hint of citrus still lingering. This last for a few hours before hitting the base notes which does remind me of the new opium. Incense all the way with a bit of amber for warmth. Ahh she was a beauty in her time. Strong and confident with massive shoulder pads, heavy makeup and a powerful voice. I love her, I adore her but will morn her passing.

Decanted diva

decanted diva


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