Different types of injectable testosterone

Push or Pull You can also divide the different types of communication medium in Push or Pull channels. Push channels are channels where the sender are pushing the message to the receiver. Meaning it is up to the sender to control the communication.

  • E-mail
  • News letters and letters (if sent out)
  • Magazines (if sent out)
  • Meetings
  • Telephone
  • Sms
Pull channels on the other hand is when the receiver is pulling the message from the sender. It is up to the receiver when he or she wants to take in the message.
  • Intranet
  • Billboards
  • New letters and letters (if not sent out)
  • Magazines (if not sent out)
  • Social media
Push channels are often regarded as having higher reliability than pull channels because of the fact that it is more active in the communication.

The degree to which the data or metadata is structured is referred to as its "granularity" . "Granularity" refers to how much detail is provided. Metadata with a high granularity allows for deeper, more detailed, and more structured information and enables greater levels of technical manipulation. A lower level of granularity means that metadata can be created for considerably lower costs but will not provide as detailed information. The major impact of granularity is not only on creation and capture, but moreover on maintenance costs. As soon as the metadata structures become outdated, so too is the access to the referred data. Hence granularity must take into account the effort to create the metadata as well as the effort to maintain it.

Brain Shiver :"Brain shivers" are said to defy description for whomever has not experienced them, but the most common themes are of a sudden "jolt", likened to an electric shock, apparently occurring or originating in the brain itself, with associated disorientation for a few seconds. It is sometimes accompanied by brief tinnitus and vertigo like feelings. Immediately following this shock is a light-headedness which may last for up to ten seconds. Another description is that it is like a bug zapper in stereo traveling back and forth across the back of the head, accompanied by a taste of aluminum foil in the mouth. It is thought to be a form of neuro-epileptiform activity...

Different types of injectable testosterone

different types of injectable testosterone


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