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About Independent Oil and Gas:
IOG owns substantial low risk, high value gas resources in the UK Southern North Sea.  The Company is targeting a 2P production rate in excess of 200 MMcfd (c. 35,000 Boe/d) from its substantial current portfolio via an efficient gas hub strategy.  Alongside this it continues to pursue value accretive acquisitions, to generate significant shareholder returns.  All of IOG's licences are owned 100% and operated by IOG.
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About ODE
ODE (Offshore Design Engineering Limited) is an international technical service provider to the oil, gas and renewable energy markets.  ODE provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, asset management, procurement, project management operations support and late life operations services to the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.

ODE’s head office is in Wimbledon, London, from where it undertakes consultancy and engineering for oil and gas projects, including decommissioning. Wimbledon also takes the lead on marine renewables and continues to build on the company’s 16-year record in the sector.  ODE also has a significant presence in Great Yarmouth from where it provides brownfield engineering and asset management services.  Internationally, ODE has engineering and project management offices in Egypt focusing on both off and onshore oil and gas, and representation in the United States and Taiwan for marine renewables.
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However, many other verses of equal relevance and appeal are to be found scattered throughout the Sutta Pitaka which remains virtually unknown. I thought it useful, therefore, to collect some of these verses, arrange them according to subject, and present them in such a way that they may enrich the faith and deepen the understanding of those who read them. Most of the verses are the words of the Buddha himself; a lesser number is attributed to his enlightened disciples. But even these reflect the spirit of the Buddha's Dhamma, for it is said: "That which is well spoken is the word of the Buddha." (A. IV, 164).

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Equipoise good results

equipoise good results


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