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One’s proper reaction to difficulties is seen as an important factor of parental abilities. This research study verifies whether parents of either “badly-behaved” or “well-behaved” children vary in their reactions to difficult parenting situations connected with their relationship with their child. The group of “badly-behaved” children had externalizing and internalizing problem behaviors. The “well-behaved” children’s group consisted of extraordinarily mature and properly behaved children according to their kindergarten teachers. The research sample consisted of 204 parents of “badly-behaved” and “well-behaved” children. The research was conducted in Poland. The DAiS scale was used to assess the level and type of parental directiveness, and the PAiNK scale was used to assess obedience enforcement and teaching the rules of proper behavior. Multiple regression, the Sobel test and partial correlation were used to identify mediation effects. The results show that the two groups differ in their reactions to difficulties: a) the parents of “well-behaved” children emphasize the teaching of rules, and this effect is stronger in older children, b) the parents of “badly-behaved” children use aggressive directiveness. This effect is stronger when the children approach school age.

Have i got low testosterone

have i got low testosterone


have i got low testosteronehave i got low testosteronehave i got low testosteronehave i got low testosteronehave i got low testosterone