Hcg with testosterone therapy

To further muddy the waters, there was also a study that showed that testosterone levels were actually increased with megadoses (438 mg/day) of Vitamin E. [4]  However, this study had no control.  Plus,. I would urge caution at megadosing alpha-tocopherol, because yet another study showed a decrease in thyroid hormones with megadosing. [5]  One study even showed a slight risk in lung cancer for those taking Vitamin E. [6]

HCG is mainly used by male athletes as it increases the production of both testosterone and epitestosterone and so keeping the testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio unchanged from normal values (vital in avoiding detection of the presence of other prohibited substances). It is also used to maintain testicular volume in males who are using anabolic steroids . However, it is now thought that it is the hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) which is responsible for maintaining testicular volume and so HCG use would be entirely ineffective. HCG use in females would have no beneficial effect at all.

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Hcg with testosterone therapy

hcg with testosterone therapy


hcg with testosterone therapyhcg with testosterone therapyhcg with testosterone therapyhcg with testosterone therapyhcg with testosterone therapy