Is testosterone cream safe

Typically, endogenous androgens stimulate the RNA polymerase which promotes the synthesis of proteins in the body. The produced proteins are responsible for the normal development of the male sexual characteristics in men. These include; the growth and maturation of the penis, scrotum, the seminal vesicles and the prostate. On the onset of puberty, androgens facilitate the increase in growth rates and development of muscles and the redistribution of fat in the body. It also facilitates the deepening of the voice, the growth of body hair and the development of beards. It activates and maintains spermatogenesis, the fusion of epiphyses and it facilitates the termination of growth. In cases where endogenous androgens are not available, exogenous androgens can be used to facilitate normal body growth and development in males.

Testosterone is widely viewed as the hormone responsible for sex drive , and testosterone does play a role in sex drive and arousal in women. Testosterone is not FDA approved for use by women, and different medical organizations have begun recommending that men be prescribed testosterone with less frequency and that they be aware of the side effects of using testosterone. All women have some testosterone naturally in their bodies, and testosterone levels in women decline from when they are in their twenties to when they are in their forties. However, there is no clear connection between testosterone levels and menopause.

Is testosterone cream safe

is testosterone cream safe


is testosterone cream safeis testosterone cream safeis testosterone cream safeis testosterone cream safeis testosterone cream safe