Low testosterone cures

And yet, several laboratory tests  have revealed that dosing tumors with high levels of the hormone may indeed have the ability to suppress or even kill off prostate cancer cells. High doses of testosterone were administered to the trial’s patients every 28 days. They were also given injections to stop the testicles’ natural production of the hormone. According to Professor Denmeade, they have yet to fully ascertain how the treatment worked. It appeared to involve cell signalling and part of the process of cell division; large doses of testosterone also seemed to cause breaks in prostate cancer cell DNA. The cancer cells stopped dividing and became “senescent.” Denmeade says that this means that they “become like old men who sit around and tell stories but don’t make much trouble.”

The liver also plays an important role in vitamin and mineral ( iron & copper ) storage. About 80% of the body's vitamin A stores are concentrated in fat droplets within the stellate cells of the liver. In pathological conditions like hepatic fibrosis or liver cirrhosis the stellate cells lose vitamin A, transform into fibroblasts or myofibroblasts and begin producing large amounts of collagen and adhesive glycoproteins. * Normal vitamin A reserves are enough to prevent a deficiency for about 10 months. The liver also contains about a year supply of B12. Vitamin D stores equal about 3-4 months. Small amounts of Vitamins E and K and Vitamin C are stored in the liver to facilitate liver functions.

Low testosterone cures

low testosterone cures


low testosterone cureslow testosterone cureslow testosterone cureslow testosterone cureslow testosterone cures