Lowering testosterone levels

Although it’s a newer product, we actually found quite a few reviews for Alpha Testosterone Booster. We’re thinking there are so many because of the amazing, yet exclusive trial the manufacturers are currently offering. But, more on that below. Most customers experienced a range of benefits within just the first week. Many claimed having more energy and motivation to work out and stay healthy. While others focused more on the sexual benefits, saying they lasted as long as their partner needed in the bedroom. Some others noticed longer-lasting and bigger erections even. All in all, we’re very excited for this product, because it is already changing many men’s lives.

"Stress is bad for everything," Clark says. So it's no wonder it can be a doozy for your sperm. When the stress hormone cortisol floods your body, you experience a decreased sense of well-being and your blood pressure rises. "There are a lot of physiological changes that happen as a result of stress, but there's not one single mechanism causing it to hurt your sperm," Clark says. Some research suggests hormones called glucocorticoids—released in response to prolonged stress—might be to blame for mussing up your testosterone levels and semen quality, though. 

13) NEWS FLASH #2:  The Atkins (or Low Carb Diet) received yet another black eye from scholars at the University of North Carolina.  Researchers there found that a low carb (30%) diet lowered testosterone by about a third and increased cortisol by about a seventh  (15%) when compared to a high carb (60%) diet after some intense training. [ 6 ] The testosterone to cortisol ratio is incredibly important to male long term health and this hammered it from both ends.

Lowering testosterone levels

lowering testosterone levels


lowering testosterone levelslowering testosterone levelslowering testosterone levelslowering testosterone levelslowering testosterone levels