Testosterone and hcg together

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 Finally, there is a weight loss solution! Dr. Robert Madda & Dr. Cara Phillipo have been researching and facilitating the HCG Diet Program for over 10 years.  Their HCG Diet program has clinically shown to offer a solution to stubborn weight gain.  These doctors are committed to helping YOU find a new way of living & eating that is healthy, non-deprivational and allows you to evolve into a better version of yourself.   Through this program, you will learn how to eat in a manner that is most functional for your body and allows your metabolism to stay strong.  Education is an important part of this process. Our doctors strive to stay on top of the latest research on weight loss and share it with their patients.  Abnormal fat stores in the body can be detrimental to the body over time. Losing excess weight is an important step to aging gracefully!

"The first reading I got from him in the morning was 498. Keep in mind during this time I had been getting readings from other doctors and all of them were around 305-363 ng/dl and also in the morning as well. I actually got checked into the hospital for a severe depressed episode and had a very sympathetic psychiatrist test my testosterone at around 6pm and it came to 199 ng/dl ( hypogonadal for almost any lab and yes I felt every bit the part of those low levels that many of us on this forum have come to unfortunately know). So the doctor I'm seeing prescribed me a quick regimen of HCG for four weeks. My levels per his lab went from 498 to 699 and this reading was taken in the afternoon because my new job currently requires my early mornings and cannot schedule a morning draw."

Testosterone and hcg together

testosterone and hcg together


testosterone and hcg togethertestosterone and hcg togethertestosterone and hcg togethertestosterone and hcg togethertestosterone and hcg together