Treatments for low testosterone

Surgical – For many PSS cases surgery is the treatment of choice. The abnormal vessel that is shunting blood around the liver is identified and closed (ligated) to minimize blood flowing through it. When the abnormal blood vessel is ligated blood will now flow through the liver instead of around it. This is readily accomplished for solitary extrahepatic shunts. Intrahepatic shunts can be more difficult
to identify and ligate. Post surgical monitoring is important. If the pressure within the liver becomes too high due to the increased blood flow through the liver then the ligation on the shunting vessel(s) must be reduced or removed.

That’s a lot of stuff. I’ve tried many of those and they don’t work for me. D3 has gotten my blood level up but with no corresponding pain decrease. Haven’t tried DMSO, Kratom, and some of the other less researched supplements. I wish I could say something low cost or even high cost has helped. My acupuncture, not low cost, and Chinese herbs, somewhat low cost, seem to help but they have not been life changing. I do exercise cardio/weight daily which makes my pain much worse but is necessary, don’t think it has helped FM. It would be nice if someone found something that works for FM that doesn’t hurt and tastes good LOL.

Treatments for low testosterone

treatments for low testosterone


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