Vitamins increase testosterone

We have several choices.

The "easy" approach

We can accept the consequences of a poor diet and blame the increase of degenerative diseases on the “normal effects of aging.” . “roll over and give up”. Having seen first hand the effects of cancer on a good friend I would not recommend this approach to anyone.

The "zealous" approach

We can find our own plot of healthy soil (a challenge in itself) – roll up our sleeves and return to the traditional farming methods of mulching, crop rotation and other organic methods so we can guarantee our fruit and vegetables contain the right levels of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Somewhere in the middle

We can choose to eat as best we can – perhaps in part relying on the integrity of the organic industry. In addition we can supplement the healthiest diet we can achieve (given our busy modern lifestyles and budget) with a high quality nutritional vitamin supplement. High quality is the key to supplementation and there are a number of factors to look for when purchasing vitamins including guaranteed potency.

A high quality multi vitamin or the "flavour of the month"?

Pick up any magazine with a recent health article and there will be a reference to the new miracle antioxidant, the star performing vitamin of the month or the benefit of a secret herb found on a mountain side in an obscure and hard to reach (and harder to pronounce) location. Perhaps the herb can only be obtained through the advertorial’s promoters on the magazine's facing page!

Vitamins increase testosterone

vitamins increase testosterone


vitamins increase testosteronevitamins increase testosteronevitamins increase testosteronevitamins increase testosteronevitamins increase testosterone